Sizing your batch to match order quantities can reduce waste

A small jam producer had perfected their recipe for artisanal jam. They knew exactly what quantities of raw material to buy for a batch. A batch would make a multiple of 12 jars. Everything would work perfectly each time, until the day  they accepted an order for a multiple of 10 jars! Not having scaled up batches to fit this order size, the producer
ended up making excess product that was surplus to requirement. Supported by the How Many Beans? team they were able to
create a number of versions of their batch size, to suit the equipment* they had available to them.

Planning and testing different batch sizes is a worthwhile exercise that can save time and money, especially when you also include ingredient unit size in your considerations. The tailored training courses delivered by How Many Beans? Cover these fine details so you can be truly launch ready. 

*Each equipment has an optimum batch quantity and a range around it that should be taken into account when scaling up, for most efficient performance.

Are you Launch Ready?

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