Webinar: How to Cost and Price Your Product

Tuesday 11th June 2024 11.00 to 13.00 BST

Learn how to get it right

£80+VAT (£96 including VAT)


You have worked hard to develop your product, but will it make you a profit? The first step in answering this question is to calculate your costs correctly to enable you set a profitable price

This 2 hour webinar is for entrepreneurs with just an idea, existing businesses looking to improve their profitability and anyone in the Food & Drink industry wanting to enhance their knowledge of finance.

Using a worked example the webinar explains

  1. How to cost – Have you included everything?
  2. How costs vary – Impact of volume and scale
  3. Critical cost points to be monitored regularly
  4. How to calculate a target selling price
  5. Impact of promotions on profit
  6. Planning ahead – Forecasting profitability

Using his experience gained as Head of Finance for Europe’s largest food factory through to launching his own food brand Ian Meadows FCMA will explain how you can get it right for your product. Avoiding the mistakes of others could repay the £80 + VAT (£96 including VAT) webinar cost many times.

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