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HOW MANY BEANS? offer food entrepreneurs and businesses tailormade support through training workshops, mentoring and coaching.

The goal of our team of experts is to transfer their real life experience in New Product Development and equip you and your team with the skills and tools to grow your business.

Weekend Markets

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Produce Subscriptions

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Restaurant Supply

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Thought to Fork flowchart

"Thought to Fork" Academy

A three day interactive workshop covering all aspects of a successful product launch.
Face to face or Online

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NPD 101

A four hour interactive workshop covering the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of New Product Development. Face to face or Online

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Topic Specific Training

Topic specific webinars e.g. Creating a HACCP plan, Basics of project management, Basics of nutrition and labelling.

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Tailored Training and Support

Tailored to your needs, we can provide training, coaching or project specific on location support.

Who are we?

How Many Beans is a team of expert food and drink practitioners with more than 100 years experience of the industry including new product development, business growth and capability building gained at all levels from Director to co founder. Read more about the How Many Beans team

What do our clients say?

“Ian helped me prepare my pitch for Ocado and now we are live”

Tina Chen

Chief Tea Officer and Founder, HumaniTea

“Challenged our thinking and gave us useful and practical experience on how too move our business forward…”.

Sofia & Ian Warlow

Founders , Greka Foods Ltd

Articles & Free Resources

Order size vs Batch size

Order size vs Batch size

Sizing your batch to match order quantities can reduce wasteA small jam producer had perfected their recipe for artisanal jam. They knew exactly what quantities of raw material to buy for a batch. A batch would make a multiple of 12 jars. Everything would work...

Costing in the real world

Costing in the real world

Hobby or Entrepreneurial Business? Costings will show you which one you haveCosting a product in your home kitchen should be easy, but is it? All the elements of making your product are there in front of you but… My mother in law made pies in our kitchen for a local...

Ingredient Lead Times

Ingredient Lead Times

Making assumptions about lead times can come at a cost.So here you are, recipe done, packaging done, ingredients identified and tested, shelf life completed, product sold in! You are approaching your first production run with confidence. What could possibly go wrong!...


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions about how we can help you. Please fill in your details below, and one of our team will aim to respond to you within three working days. We really look forward to hearing from you!

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Trusted Organic Farm Food

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How It Works

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2. Harvest

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